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At SDA, we ask that all our pupils wear uniform for class, with plenty of options so dancers feel comfortable.

Why do we have a uniform?

Being part of a team - a uniform creates a sense of belonging and helps bring a team together.

Reduces cliques - when everyone is wearing the same, it helps prevent cliques forming as students feel they are part of one big group rather than separated into smaller circles.

Reduces bullying - a uniform is a visual reminder that everyone is equal. It reduces the chance for bullying based on clothing brands and who's wearing what

Practicality and safety - we know that what we ask our dancers to wear is safe to dance in, is comfortable and allows teachers to see the dancers lines and alignment fully

This is also why we ask that pupils do not wear velvet/velour or gymnastic leotards. The slip of velvet and velour make it difficult for teachers to spot safely and gymnastic leotards often come with embellishments that can cause damage to the studio and others. They are also a stiffer material, giving less free movement to your dancer

New students should wear something comfortable, so they can move freely, for their first 2 classes. 

Logo uniform (hoodies, t-shirts, jumper, shorts...) is available to pre-order at class or via email. 

Those who attend classes in a leotard and tights should ensure they come with leggings or joggers over the top and ensure they put them back on when leaving. 

All uniform is purchasable directly from ourselves with new and 2nd hand options

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Class and show approved ballet and jazz shoes

Specific brands and styles are required so everyone matches during showtime with no extra expense 

Jazz shoes

So Danca canvas split sole

Capezio Stretch canvas

Ballet shoes 

Full sole:

Bloch bunny hop, leather

Bloch Arise in pink (not theatrical pink), leather

Bloch Giselle, leather

Split Sole: So Danca SD120, Light pink

Tights: Bloch Contorsoft, please ask for colour options - Tights are an option for Mini Movers, Red, Blue & Purple Ballet between November and March

Pink and White Socks: Silky brand - worn by Mini Movers, Red, Blue & Purple ballet as uniform

Ballet leotards: Starlite, ask Mrs Stead

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