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No matter how old you are starting something new can be pretty nerve racking. Becoming part of the SDA family is a wonderful experience, here's what to expect....


You've booked into your class, now let's make sure you've got everything: 

Wear something comfy that you can move in. We don't expect new starters to have their uniform until the second class.

Bare feet are fine for ballet, acro, jazz, musical theatre, stretch and recovery and contemporary. We suggest bringing a pair of plimsolls or trainers for tap or street dance. Please make sure they have a CLEAN, STONE free sole and haven't been worn outside. 

Try to arrive 10 minutes before your class starts, we can introduce ourselves, get to know you a little, show you around before starting class and find a buddy for you to go in with. 

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We prefer pupils to come into class with classmates rather then parents or carers. This makes it more normal as parents wait outside and have a cup of tea and a chat during class. We have a viewing window and parents or carers are very welcome to watch through this. Of course sometimes younger ones are a little extra nervous, in this case parents are welcome to sit in and watch and sneak out once they are settled. We are very patient with beginners and happy to work with you. 

 After class your class teacher will try their best to come out and speak to parents for a couple of minutes, sometimes, due to class change overs, this isn't always possible. In this case Mrs Stead will ask your teacher how you got on and pass on any feedback if necessary. 


The paper work, this is the boring but vital part! While children take class Mrs Stead will go through payments and what it includes and ask you to fill in a contact form. We ask for your contact details in case of an emergency and these are never passed on to any other parties. If you're feeling organised please download the contact form below and bring it with you.

You can then go home, contact us if you have any questions and talk about how much fun you had at dance! New starters don't pay anything until their 2nd class so you have no obligations. 

We look forward to meeting you in class! 

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