Spotlight Dance Academy

We have a range of classes to accommodate all types of dancers. From those who want to take a fun dance class once a week  to those who really want develop their skills, and technique. All classes help build confidence, friendships and above all are fun!


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Flexibility, kicks, leap and pirouettes, jazz teaches all these and more. Exploring many different musical styles this is a dance style with variety. Developing the correct technique is vital and we start with the basics leading up to building the perfect split leap, high kick or turn. This class complements ballet technique and we encourage pupils to take this class to help with strength and flexibility.

"My daughter joined this class last year after seeing her fellow pupils in the showcase. She absolutely loves it and enjoys the acro at the end. She says her ballet technique and flexibility have improved so much since starting Freestyle."


Pupils who take jazz are all invited to take the following Acro class.  Building up skills like, walk overs, hand springs, ariels and so much more. These skills are incorporated into various dance styles and are now a popular and essential part of dance. 



An essential skill for all professional dancers, and those that want to show off to all their friends! One of the most fun and rhythmical dance styles, in the early stages we look at building your child's sense of rhythm using games, words and counts. Further up the school we focus on perfecting the steps and exploring the challenging world of tap dance.



The core of all dance forms, from the grace and beauty to the strength and technique. At Spotlight Dance we know it's important develop and teach all steps safely and properly with correct technique and style. Whether just for pleasure or for the more serious minded, ballet develops, movement, flexibility, rhythm, good posture and poise. Ballet isn't just a dance form it's a way of life, promoting self discipline and confidence.

From this class pupils are invited to join our Pointe work and Stretch and Recovery class all at a huge discount.

Pointe Class
This class is invitation only. Pupils are often invited to join when they begin the Grade 3 class, in this class they cover exercises to strength the feet ready for pointe work. Miss Sarah will let pupils know when they are ready to go up and go for the very exciting first pointe shoe fitting!

Building a Dancer
This is a monthly class open to any SDA dancer, age 7+, who take 2+ classes per week. This is a great way for all ages to come together to work on strength and flexibility. We look at safe ways to stretch at home, build a progress folder and share ideas on how to become the best dancer we can be. 

Every dancer receives a progress folder, this is developed over the year so we can see how well the have developed their splits, heel stretches, technique and more...

"My daughter''s ballet technique has come on leaps and bounds since moving to Spotlight. She now takes 5 dance classes a week all complementing each other and hopefully leading towards a professional career." 


This is an expressive style of dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. This class complements jazz, musical theatre and ballet. 


Musical Theatre

Want to be a West End star? This is the class for you. Singing, dancing, acting, Musical Theatre has it all! This class is perfect for bulding confidence and performance skills. Pupils learn skills in all three stage disciplines, working towards becoming that 'triple threat'. We often stage short musicals throughout the year as well as performing in our annual showcase. This class compliments ballet, jazz and contemporary. 


"Musical theatre has given my daughter the confidence to stand up to the bullies at school. She is now back to her old self, happier, louder and so much more confident! Thank you SDA teachers, I can't tell you how much this means to our family."

Mini Movers

These classes begin with the basics, exploring dance through simple steps and movement, learning rhythms and using imagination. Starting in tap shoes and ending in ballet shoes, let your little ones confidence grow as they develop into a budding dancer. From these classes they can progress into all different forms of dance, but most importantly it's about learning to hop, skip, jump, perform and have fun!


"My daughter is 4 and has been coming to class for a year now. I can't believe the difference in her confidence, concentration and posture in such a short space of time. It's amazing!"

Dance Fusion

These classes are a perfect mix of dance styles, with the main focus on commercial dance. These are perfect for those who’d like to take a more relaxed approach to dance with no extra commitments, other then one weekly class. Pupils put on mini shows within class, showcasing their talents to family.