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10 year challenges

We Will Run 500 Miles: Mrs Sarah and Ant will be running 500 miles throughout the year. They can't count any gym sessions, walking to work or teaching classes. Ant will be taking on an extra challenge and completing his run in a weighted vest.
For Mrs Sarah that's a 5 mile run every week, on top of teaching 6 days a week!

Hadrian's Wall: Miss Heather and Will are going to be walking all 80 Roman miles of Hadrian's wall in just 5 days

100 mile bike: Mrs Stead will be cycling 100 miles on her trike throughout the year.

9 inches of hair: At the end of the year Miss Issy will be cutting her long locks off and donating her hair to The Princess Trust. 


10 10ks!: Mr Stead will be running 10 10k races throughout the year

We also hope to raise a little extra to go towards our scholarship program. Sometimes life gets in the way, making it hard for children to attend out of school activities. We want to make sure every child is given the chance to nurture their talents or have somewhere they go to forget about the real world. We already have 8 children on scholarships and we hope to increase this by the end of the  year. 

Pupils will also be taking on their own challenges throughout the year. 


Jack O' Lantern

Halloween Disco

Friday 29th October
Age 5+ (4+ SDA memebers)
£6 pp

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