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We'll plan a personalised party to help celebrate your son or daughter's big day.

Pick a style of dance that takes their fancy and our professional instructors will put together an amazing routine that they can show off to parents at the end!


September 23 - AVAILABLE

October 23 - FULLY BOOKED

November 23 - AVAILABLE

December 23 - FULLY BOOKED

January 24 - beginning of the month available

February 24 - FULLY BOOKED 


April 24 - End of the month available

June 24 - Available

July 24 - Beginning of the month available

DANCE PARTY - For age 6+



Street Stars - Learn an awesome street dance

Musical Madness - pick your favourite musical

Diva Dancers -  please contact us for details on how your birthday child can be a diva! Package differs from below

Pyjama Rama -Tell everyone to come dance in their fanciest PJs!

Hollywood Heroes - Be a movie star (pick your favourite film) and dance down the red carpet

A 2 hour party includes:

*Colouring, small activity or Music Quiz (age appropriate)
*Games to suit theme / catwalk / dance battle 

*Fun, custom choreographed dance routine to a song of birthday child's choice

*Certificates for every child


*Disco lights and music

*Half hour interval for sit down lunch

*Performance for parents to film

*Stress free party!


£12 per child* (Discounted to £10 for SDA pupils)

£17 per child to include all the above, party food and drink*


Decorate a t-shirt - £3.50  per child
We provide a white t-shirt with a simple black and white "dance" design on. Children then decorate using the fabric pens provided. Your dance instructor will then place each finished t-shirt into a bag, with iron fix instructions, ready to take home.


TOTS PARTY PACKAGE -For age 5 and under


Is your little one turning 5 or under? Do they love to dance, sing and use their imagination?
Then our Tots party package is perfect for them


Pyjama Rama -Tell everyone to come dance in their fanciest PJs!

Awesome Acrobats - So many fun exciting acrobatic moves to learn, with beams, mats, scarves, stickers, bean bags and more!

Fairy Tale Fun - Come on a fairy adventure as you dance!


A 2 hour party includes:

*Games and Prizes

*A short combination of dance routines - this is based around an imaginative theme e.g. fairies and is put together using rhymes, props and games. (age dependent)

*Certificates for every guest

*Disco lights and music



£12 per child* (Discounted to £10 for SDA pupils)

£17  per child to include all of the above plus party food and drink*


Have your party at our amazing dance studio at no extra charge!

Please note guests will be asked to bring dance or indoor shoes or bare feet to protect our dance floor.

You are welcome to choose your own venue, please book this yourself.

*minimum 15 children, maximum 25. Please contact us if you wish to have a larger party


Each party is personalised to your child, please contact us directly for a quote













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