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From the day we started we have embodied our values which are...

Every child counts - we understand every child is an individual not just a number.


Each pupil learns at THEIR own pace - Exams aren't for everyone, this is why our younger pupils learn exam work throughout the year. They tick off their exercises when they can execute them correctly, not when someone else can. As they get older they grow in confidence and experience and have the choice to take a more formal exam. 


Correct technique taught in every class  - This promotes a strong well rounded knowledgeable dancer and minimises injury. 


Team work is key - From our first show in 2009 we have aimed to give pupils the full  stage experience. This doesn't just mean performing on stage, this is learning to work together during dances, helping each other with backstage changes, building props, making costumes and oportunities to help out on the technical side of things. 

In 2009 Spotlight Dance Academy, then known as Movers Moves opened with just 2 classes, Mini Movers and Junior Movers. We steadily grew and in July of that year we transformed the Scout HQ on Green Lane into a mini theatre! Opening with a spectacular tutu ballet with all 17 children in hand made tutus!

With the backing of our SDA family, in 2017 we opened our own studio, parents and pupils helped us out, painting, building, sweeping and cleaning to create a unique dance space. Complete with sprung dance floor, mirrors, barres, a changing room for parents to enjoy and family tree. 

SDA aims to provide children with unique skills, not only teaching them how to dance but helping them gain confidence, new friends, have an enjoyable hobby and teach a discipline only dance can provide. No matter how far they wish to take dance we provide a professional standard of training they can use in all walks of life.

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