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Don't just take our word for it, see what our dance parents and pupils have to say...

Dance Mum of Primary ballet and junior tap pupil
"On behalf of my daughter I would like to say a massive thank you for all your hard work to make this show happen.  She was 3 years old when she first started walking. Seeing her on the stage today was a very special moment for our family. Me and her dad did share a tear at the end. It was the greatest show ever seen. Thank you again for letting us be part of it."

"Miss Sarah and her sister Issy are amazing with the children and you can see they clearly love teaching dance. Spotlight is really reasonably priced, both the classes and the uniforms. The show they put on once a year is amazing and the children love being in a real show."


Pupil age 12 after learning her solo with Mrs Sarah 
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to perform the 10 year solo! The choreography was amazing, I absolutely loved my costume it was my favourite. I couldn't have pulled it off without you. My dancing is better and I have learned lots of new things. My confidence has grown so much in dance and in my normal life."

A new starter after her first Grade 4 ballet class with us
"I've never had so much fun in a ballet class! I've learnt so much in one lesson!"

Dance mum of 2 on starting in Mini Movers 

"Both my children started in the mini movers class. Granted they were aged 3 at the time. However, from my experience had both been older they would still have benefited from this class as a starter because it gave them the opportunity to learn the basics (Miss Sarah teaches technical terms in a very skilful way from very early on) and progress at rate suitable to them. My youngest moved up to another class fairly quickly as she grasped these basics and Miss Sarah made the judgement that she was ready to move up despite being younger than others in the next class.


Ballet classes in particular require many skills and discipline and without going through the early classes I don’t believe my girls would have kept up with more advanced classes. 


Miss Sarah can clearly see after a couple of trial sessions, if not at the end of a first class , what level each dancer is working at and I would trust her judgement on where best to place each pupil. Class ages are a guide if a child has a particular flare they may be moved up to an older class after consultation with the parent."

Dance Mum of pupils in prep ballet, junior tap, Jazz B, Musical Theatre and Primary Ballet
"The individual reports and certificates both my children received were fantastic and well worth the time you have put into them. They were both over the moon. Thank you for inspiring both my children"

Pupil age 12, after show dress rehearsal
"Thank you for all your support, I really appreciate it. You have made me the best dancer I can be and I'm going to keep improving. Bring on the tech rehearsal, we're going to smash it!"

A new starter's dance mum on seeing our show before beginning classes with us
"We loved the show!! Absolutely lovely😊 the variety was a real credit to the school. E was entranced by the contemporary."

Dance dad after our 10 year show

"Well done on a fantastic show and you can really see how well the children have come on over the last few years with the encouragement from the Spotlight family.  It was really amazing and to see everyone's huge smiling faces is so warming."

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