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Our student teacher programme provides advanced students with the opportunity to further their dance skills and branch out into teaching. 

Students are offered the opportunity take part in a 2 day workshop, covering the basics of teaching a dance class, warm up, instructing various ages and their specific needs, creating dance exercises (travelling and in place), progression of a dancer, choreography, spotting in acro, safe guarding and first aid. At the end of the 2 day course they have to take a physical and written assesment. If successful they gain a teaching assistant certificate and report. 

Following this students can then go on to attend further workshops specifying in teaching a particular dance style. 

Opportunities then open up for them to teach a class. These are paid positions, they must submit a video of them teaching (you can see examples of these on our “online classes” page), attend a verbal interview and teach a trial class. If they are successful in applying for the job they attend bi-weekly meetings with Mrs Sarah to discuss class progress and demonstrate choreography, an adult is always present when they are teaching. 

Teaching a dance class demonstrates responsibility, organisation and leadership. These skills are all something a future employer or University look for. We encourage students to add this to their CV and applications as it will lead to further opportunities. 

If you are an advanced pupil and you’d like the opportunity to join our student teaching team please get in touch 

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